The beginning is the most special moment


On crostini bread topped with beef tomato, garlic, red onion & basil

Bread Basket

Olive tapana and garlic butter with bread basket

Salsiccia alla Griglia

Grilled spicy sausage served on cripsy salad & house dressing


Deep fried squid with house salad, tartare sauce and sweet chilli sauce

Falafel & Hummus

Grilled falafel served with hummus

Insalata Tricolore

Mozzarella, avocado, tomato, rocket, olive oil & balsamic vinegar


Meatballs with Italian tomato sauce and homemade bread

Hummus and Bread

Garlic Bread with Tomato Base

Halloumi Fries

Fried halloumi served with tahini sauce

Creamy Garlic Mushroom

Pan fried garlic mushroom in creamy mustard sauce served with house bread


On a bed of mixed leaves with tartar & sweet chilli sauce

Parma Ham Crostini

Baby mozzarella wrapped with Parma ham served on house salad and crispy pancetta

Creamy King Prawns

King prawn in a creamy garlic sauce served with bread

Soup Of The Day

Served with homemade bread


Pan seared fillet of rare beef,seasoned with Italian herbs, thinly sliced, served with rocket & parmasan

Garlic Bread

Cheese Garlic Bread


Delicious Italian dishes from classic to fusion cuisine

Available Gluten Free or Vegan Options


Penne pasta with garlic basil & tomato sauce


Spaghetti with pancetta onion in a creamy sauce

Spaghetti Polpette

Meatballs with Italian tomato sauce

Linguini Al Salmone

Salmon, onion, garlic, and Italian Tomato sauce

King Prawn Linguini

Linguini pasta served with king prawns, red pepper, onion, chilli, garlic and dill sauce

Risotto Vegetariano

Seasonal vegetables, mushrooms ,garlic, chilli in a light tomato sauce


Spaghetti with Traditional Italian ragu cooked with 100% minced beef


Oven baked pasta layers with bolognese & béchamel sauce topped with mozzarella cheese

Crab & Lobster Ravioli

Crab and Lobster ravioli in a creamy red pesto sauce topped with rocket & parmesan cheese

Pollo Picante

Penne pasta served with diced chicken, peas, mushrooms, sweetcorn, chilli flakes in a creamy sauce

Linguini De Mare

Mixed seafood, chilli, dill, garlic, onion with lime and dill sauce

Risotto De Mare

Mixed seafood with onion, chilli, dill, garlic, pepper in a light tomato sauce


Feel free to change your pizza toppings


Mozzarella on our homemade tomato sauce

Pepperoni Pizza

Classic margherita topped with Italian pepperoni


Marinated chicken strips, tomatoes, roasted pepper on mozzarella & tomato sauce

Al Dente Pizza

Goats cheese, caramelised onion on a mozzarella & tomato sauce, topped with fresh rocket

Calzone Carne

Chicken, ham, pepperoni, mozzarella with bolognese sauce and salad

Calzone Capri

Goats cheese, pesto, mozzarella, mushrooms with tomato sauce and salad


Italian pepperoni, caramelised onion, chilli, mozzarella, tomato sauce

Vegetarian Classic

Mixed vegetables, mushrooms, onion, mozzarella, tomato sauce

Farmhouse Pizza

Classic margherita topped with ham & Mushrooms

Pizza Siciliano

Pepperoni, ham, parma ham with fresh rocket

Vegan Pizza

Vegan base, with coconut oil, grilled vegetables, garlic, chilli and olives on a base of hummus and tahini sauce



Beef Burger

100% beef mince, cheese lettuce tomato, pickle, caramelised onion, burger sauce served with chips

Halloumi Burger

Halloumi cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion, burger sauce served with chips

Falafel Wrap

In tortilla bread homemade falafel, hummus, mixed salad, served with sweet potato fries

Chicken Wrap

Marinated chicken with Italian mixed salad and chips

Chicken Burger

Flame chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, caramelised onion, burger sauce, served with chips

Vegan Burger

Chef made vegan burger,vegan cheese,tomato, lettuce, pickle, hummus & sweet chili sauce, served with sweet potato fries

Halloumi Wrap

In tortilla bread fried halloumi on crispy salad, honey mustard sauce, served with chips



Tomahawk Steak

36 oz. on the bone rib steak served with chips & Peppercorn sauce

Fillet Steak

(Served in two pieces) 12 oz. tender steak served with chips & peppercorn sauce

Lamb Shank

Oven roasted lamb shank on a bed of mashed potatoes with gravy sauce

Salt and Pepper Chicken

Battered chicken strips, garlic, onion, Chilli, fresh peppers, sea salt and black pepper, served with rice

Grilled Salmon

Grilled salmon on a bed of mashed potato, lime & dill sauce

Sea Bass with Pernod

Panfried seabass in creamy mushroom & pernod sauce on a bed of green beans

Sea Bass

Panfried Sea Bass with chips and salad

Sirloin Steak

12oz. tender steak served with chips & peppercorn sauce

Lamb Chops

Grilled tender lamb chops on tortilla Bread served with salad & rice

Pollo Alla Milanese

Breaded crispy chicken breast served with spaghetti arrabbiata

Shish di Pollo

Marinated grilled chicken on skewers served with tortilla bread, salad & rice

Salt & Pepper Calamari

Panko Calamari Red onion, sweet pepper, chilli, garlic with lime & dill sauce

Salt & Pepper King Prawn

Battered jumbo king prawns, garlic, onion, fresh peppers, sea salt & black pepper, served with rice



Halloumi Salad

Fried halloumi, Italian mixed leaves, tomatoes, onion with house dressing

King Prawns Salad

Italian mixed leaves, tomatoes, avocado & onion with Italian dressing

Caesar Salad

Marinated grilled chicken, Italian mixed leaves, croutons with Caesar dressing

Salmon Salad

Italian mixed leaves, tomatoes, avocado & onion with Italian dressing




Velvet Cheesecake

Chocolate Souffle

Apple Pie with Custard

Chocolate Brownie


Ice Cream

Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Bubble Gum, Vegan Vanilla

Biscoff Cheesecake

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Lemon Meringue

Chocolate Fudge Cake


Vegan Cheesecake